7 Steps On How To Spot A Fake Jo Malone Cologne

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7 Steps On How To Spot A Fake Jo Malone Cologne
05 May 2019

7 Steps On How To Spot A Fake Jo Malone Cologne (100ml Bottle)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Kuala Lumpur

I have nothing against people wanting to use fake items as long as they are aware of the risks or even to those few who sell fake products. Don't get me wrong, I honestly do use fake perfumes too in the past few years specially when the scent is so close to the original. Its entirely a new issue though when sellers deceive their clients by declaring its authentic when its not. Sadly, I saw most of them selling it widely in Instagram and some are giving it away as prizes. I feel sad for the people who honestly does not know they are being lied to. Its just not about the fake product that you are using but also the expensive amount that you pay for when its actually a fake. 
So this post is to share on how you can spot a fake vs. authentic. I want to increase the awareness of people through this article and I hope this post is informative. 
In this post, I will be comparing a Jo Malone Wild Bluebell 100ml bottle in authentic versus the fake. Let us first start on the packaging. 
1. Packaging
Originally, I got the fake one covered in plastic. The original is not covered in plastic when you buy it. Its just tied with a black ribbon then placed inside the paper bag neatly. Sometimes, the original is tied with white ribbon instead of black or when it is limited edition they use other colors but regularly, they use black. 
The box's width in original is also slightly bigger than the fake. The border of the box that is lined with black is also thicker in the original. The color of the original is more yellowish than dirty white in color like the fake. 
The height of the box is the same. 
The length of the box when compared on the back is different, the fake is smaller. Also, the cardboard box of the original is more velvet-like in texture compared to the smooth surface of the fake. 
For the texture of the cardboard box, the original is smoother and the box is more of a good quality while the fake you can spot and feel the rough surface even from afar. The cardboard box of the fake is more similar to a cloth than cardboard.
2. Inside of the Box
The look inside the box is very different to the original of how a Jo Malone 100ml bottle is packed compared to the fake. The original was cushioned in a black paper while the fake is placed in a molded foam-like board inside the box. 
When I removed the bottles, the black paper in the original also has the shape of the bottle left on the paper. For the fake, you can see the shape of the bottle that is molded inside the box. 
You can even see the rugby used to stick the foam together inside the box of the fake. Luxurious brands usually avoid this kind of mess in making their products. 
The original packed their bottle inside cushioned with a black paper that is neatly folded and shaped that reminded me of the shape of a bed or bath tub.
After removing the paper, I noticed that the arrows of the recycling symbol is in different direction. The arrows are placed in the middle of the box of the original while the fake is placed in the middle of the bottle shaped space. 
The inside of the box's cover is almost the same. 
3. Bottle and Labeling 
The stickers on the bottle is placed differently. In the original, it is placed in the middle of the bottle while the fake is misplaced more on the right side of the bottle. The label of the fake has a brighter gold border but the font used looks in bold. 
The official distributor label is also missing on the fake bottle. 
The label of the ingredients on the back is placed on the middle of the bottle unlike the fake. You can also notice that in the fake bottle, the sticker was not even cut proportionally. The description was listed in different language which may look the same on the original. However, in the original, another sticker was placed on top for the translation in English.
The manufacturing date and batch code was placed as a label on the bottle while the fake has a label that I do not know what it indicates. The weight of the bottle is indicated together with the list of ingredients. 
The spritz button of the bottle is slightly larger on the original compared to the fake. 
The bottle's cap is different from the original. There are crooked edges on the fake cap. 
4. Batch Code Serial Number
The batch code serial number that is in scripted on the bottom of the bottle is missing on the fake. 
5. The Scent
Of course, the scent is similar but different. The fake smells more like alcohol and you can smell something sour upon spraying before you can appreciate the true scent. You will not experience this in the original. 
6. Lasting Power
The fake does not last long, I cannot even smell it on me even if I tried hard after two to three hours. For the original, I do not bring the bottle with me since it can still be smelled on me even after a long day. 
7. Color and Consistency
The color of the original is much clearer compared to the fake. 
The consistency of the authentic is thicker and more oil-based compared to the thin and alcohol-like consistency of the fake. 
There you go, I hope you will find this post informative. If you are buying online and cannot see the product yourself, you can ask them to send you photos of samples and just in case they answered that they cannot because it is still sealed in plastic, its already a big giveaway that they are selling fake. I just don't want consumers to shell out thousand of Pesos for a fake bottle. Fake sellers sell them around 2,500php up to 6,000php which is already close to the original price of 7,000+php when you buy it directly from official distributors like Rustan's. That's all for this article, have a great day everyone!

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